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Σίγουρα, όσο μείναμε στο σπίτι λόγω καραντίνας, οι περισσότερες από εμάς κάναμε αρκετό scroll down στο feed του Instagram και ανακαλύψαμε νέους λογαριασμούς ανάλογα με τα ενδιαφέροντα μας. Εάν είσαι και εσύ beauty junkie όπως και εμείς, τότε τα νέα είναι ευχάριστα καθώς εμείς ανακαλύψαμε πέντε Insta-λογαριασμούς με άπειρη έμπνευση για μακιγιάζ. Ξεχωρίσαμε μάλιστα πέντε make up looks που θέλουμε να αντιγράψουμε αυτή την περίοδο και σας τα προτείνουμε.


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Over the weekend I took a MasterClass course from Robin Roberts about effective and authentic communication. I want to learn how to better my abilities as a content creator to provide more value to you all and just learn to be a better communicator in my business and with my family. Here are the 5 lessons that spoke to me most: 1. Dream Big, Focus Small: It’s all about our small daily habits, thoughts, and actions that bring us closer to our dreams. Focus on those elements to reach your goals.  2. Make Your Mess Your Message: Robin shared her journey with breast cancer with the world and it became her mission’s message. Our own battles, no matter how big or small, are here to highlight our message to the world. Become aware of what experiences shape your message and within them you’ll find your purpose/why. 3. Get your Message Across Through StoryTelling: This may sound a bit obvious, but to make people remember you, you have to tell stories that evoke emotions. Emotions are the way to people’s minds and hearts. The great Maya Angelou said: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you you made them feel.” And she’s the perfect example of that. 4. Proximity Is Power: Position yourself for success! Observe and learn what skills you need to acquire or work on, what experiences you need to have, and where do you need to be in order to be in closest proximity to success. 5. How You Think is How You Feel:  You have to change the way you think In order to change the way you feel. It always goes back to your limiting beliefs, to self awareness, and to re-wiring your own brain to reflect the life that you want to have.

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